In the world of content marketing, companies of all sizes are working night and day to encourage target demographics to view and share new content. Good content can grow a brand, build a customer base, and improve search engine rankings, but sometimes content marketing can feel like throwing darts while blindfolded: you don’t know when you’re hitting a bullseye or how often. With the Internet, millions of pages of content are published on a daily basis: we get insight into how that information impacts the web properties we own, but learn little about how it impacts the rest of the web when it’s published elsewhere.

As an infographic design agency, we here at Killer Infographics have felt this pain and decided it was time for a solution. We design an average of 25 infographics each week for our clients and are tasked with the distribution for a majority of these. We can identify where the infographics have been reposted online with simple searches and gauge popularity based on social shares and traffic to a client website, but this is only a small subset of the information we want to gather for a standard content promotion. We require more insight to truly identify the ROI of an infographic, to show our clients the true reach of our combined efforts, and to ensure that publishers are linking to each infographic properly.

Enter the Protective Analytics Container (PAC).

PAC provides the solution to many problems, including:

  •  Identifying how an infographic performs on every website that reposts it, not just your own – With PAC, you get full analytics insight into your infographic. You will learn where it is reposted, how much traffic viewed the infographic across each site, how much time was spent viewing your infographic, and more!
  • Protecting your infographic from theft – Your source image is protected, keeping webmasters from claiming it as their own.
  • Ensuring your brand gets proper recognition for your work – Your infographic will come with tamper-proof embed code to ensure that your backlink remains intact and you don’t lose any SEO opportunities.
  • Updating your infographic with ease – Sometimes after an infographic launches, you may want to change the content. Unfortunately, if others have already reposted it, the updated content will likely not change on their sites. This creates 2 differing versions of your design—and both are live and being shared. With PAC, once you update the infographic on your site, it will populate across ALL the websites that reposted it, ensuring that just one, uniform version of your infographic exists online.